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It was around 2:30 a.m. and the house next door on 374 S. Shore Drive was engulfed in flames. As she ran out her front door,

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How wonderful it is to have – and be – a good neighbor. Is there runoff onto the neighbor’s property, causing washout issues? Does the sprinkler spray next-door perennial foliage that will then.

School officials said the houses they now own will start coming down in August. What happens if some houses along the road don’t want to sell? "We want to be good neighbors, we are not even.

After family members left for work and school, Cowler, a 15-year-old partially blind Chihuahua, was inside the home by himself about 8 a.m. Wednesday when the family said burglars shattered a window,

This home is being offered through a government funded program called the Good Neighbor Next Door. It is a program specifically for Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMTs. It allows people in these professions to participate in a lottery for a chance to win the listed home at a discounted rate of 50% off.

This service to you is funded by our nationwide network of Real Estate Professionals. Good Neighbor Next Door Realty, Inc. is a for-profit business which is not affiliated with the federal Good Neighbor Next Door program, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developement, or any other agency or department of the Federal Government.

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Good Neighbor Next Door Program: Buy a Home for Half the Price These programs can indeed help you buy a home with little or no money down, but another program can actually get you a 50% discount on the price of a home. That’s the Good Neighbor Next Door program from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In this post, we’ll tell you how this program works and what it takes to qualify.

Home renovation loan: Buy a home and remodel it with one loan. Good Neighbor Next Door: Home price discounts for first responders and educators. dollar homes: Foreclosed homes for sale by the.

These days he has a worthy successor – our Steve Hartman: For most of us, being a good neighbor means loaning a. long-term solution seemed to be a nursing home. Until, one day, the guy next door.