Enlistment contracts vary by service. The Army has gone as low as two years of active duty service, with the balance served on Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR). The Navy and Army have both offered 3 year contracts, followed by inactive service. The most common enlistment contract is a 4 year contract, with 4 more years on IRR.

How long is the minimum contract for the National Guard? What. – The typical Guard contract is a 62 (six-by-two) meaning you do 6 years of 1 weekend a month and two weeks a year followed by 2 years in the IRR.

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Joining us on the second edition is the top-ranked guard in the Pac-12 Conference. According to spotrac.com, Chris Boucher.

The Army National Guard offers benefits and incentives and allows individuals to serve their country’s military on a part-time basis. The National Guard is not for everyone. Consider the time commitment and possibility of deployment, along with these benefits, before committing to signing up with.

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How long could I be deployed? The length of time for. How long is my commitment? Your total. How long will I have to train for my Guard job? The training.

The Army is offering two-year contracts and cash bonuses to grow the Army. Army National Guard and Army Reserve by Sept. 30.. He added that senior Army leaders have long sounded the alarm.

Upon enlisting you sign an enlistment contract. This contract determines your initial commitment, bonuses, job training guarantees and other incentives; make .

We are unable to directly recruit national guard, Active Guard Reserve or Reserve Soldiers. You must first enlist active duty and serve with a conventional unit for at least six months. You may then contact the Regimental Recruiting Detachment (REC-D) at [email protected]

Active (drilling) Reserve and National Guard enlistments are usually for a minimum of six years (if one wants the education benefits). If you are commissioned as an officer through the ROTC or Service Academy college programs, you owe the military five years of active duty service with a two-year option of Reserve Duty or IRR.

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