Sample Statement of Service DEPARTMENT OF YOUR BRANCH (i.e. ARMY) DATE From: commanding officer, [List Military Installation Here] To: Office of Human Resources Subj: STATEMENT OF SERVICE FOR [LIST NAME AND RANK HERE] 1.

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Veterans Military Discharge Documents. The documents listed below may be used to establish honorable active military service. NCA will accept the following documents, with some exceptions, to verify eligibility when requesting a headstone or marker.

The U.S. Navy subsequently reportedly gave him an honorable discharge, and he went back to his life in. Niihara says arrangements governing U.S. forces in Japan have become the template for other.

He was a member of the 556th Red Horse Squadron at the Royal Tai Navy-Air Force Base in U-Tapao. Following his honorable discharge from the military. held a NYS explosives license and a NYS.

It is not necessary to request a duplicate copy of a veteran’s discharge or separation papers solely for the purpose of filing a claim for VA benefits. Standard Form 180 and Replacing Military Records

The navy personnel command can only issue the Honorable Discharge (DD Form 256N) certificate. The certificate may be issued in connection with a BCNR/NDRB action. Otherwise, the following persons are entitled to receive an administratively issued certificate. The person who performed the service.

UNDER OTHER THAN HONORABLE CONDITIONS. BAD CONDUCT. (NOTE: The Navy Discharge Review Board does not have a traveling panel.) d. FAX NUMBER.. The following examples demonstrate one way in which issues may be.

In the United States, every service member who is discharged or released from active duty is issued a DD Form 214 and a military discharge certificate (denoting the discharge type, such as Honorable). A reservist who is called to active duty is given a DD 214 when he or she is deactivated and returned to the reserves.

Eligibility – You must have an honorable discharge from the military.. Board for Corrections of Naval Records (for Navy and Marine Corps.

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