HDFC Bank’s loan against property interest rates are competitive with respect to industry standards. Read below to know more about loan against property fees and charges as well as our interest rates for loan against property.

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A secured loan, also known as a homeowner loan, uses your property as security against the amount you are looking to borrow. This can be an option if you need to borrow a large sum of money (25,000+) and have a poor credit rating but it’s important to understand the risks when opting for this type of loan – if you fail to keep up with the repayments, the lender could seize your property.

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A personal loan provides a lower amount of loan and is dependent on your credibility. Tenure of Loan; In case of a Personal Loan, the tenure of loan is lower to the extent of 5 to 7 years. While the tenure for Loan Against Property is higher, usually more than or equal to 10 years.

Loan against property is another name of mortgage loan and is available for both salaried and self-employed borrowers to help them fulfil their business and personal needs by mortgaging their property.

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Avail loan against property for fulfilling personal needs such as meeting expenditure on education, marriage, healthcare, etc. other than speculative purpose. It is to be noted that loans under SBI LAP will not be permitted for Business Purposes.

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The use of property as collateral is a common way to borrow money. If the borrower fails to fulfill the terms of the loan, the lender may take possession of the property. describes a secured loan as one "given or disbursed against the mortgage of property.

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