Reconsideration of Value Process. The second is to keep the report as is. If the appraiser does not change the report and re-consider the value then the appraiser must place an addendum in the file as to why not. 3 – All communication from this point forward will need to take place between you and Jim Stroh, or, the Underwriter concerning the reconsideration of value.

VALUE RECONSIDERATION FORM This form is to be used for addressing issues with an appraisal’s final value or for addressing any errors or concerns on that appraisal. This form must be filled out and forwarded to the accusured management coordinator for consideration.

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To prevent them from becoming a headache, check out our list of the do’s and don’ts of addressing a reconsideration of value! The Do’s and Don’ts of Addressing a Reconsideration of Value Reconsiderations of value are a common component of the mortgage appraisal process and, as an appraiser, there are a few important tips to remember when responding to them.

Bradley sounded a positive note on an element of the VA system known as the "Reconsideration of Value." When a VA appraiser finds that the market value of a property is lower than the sale price, the.

Now that meaningful government reforms appear to be on the table with the Brown administration in Sacramento, I hope that among these reforms will be a reconsideration. values averaged $50,000 to.

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Reconsideration is conducted as a result of a disagreement with appraisal report opinion(s) based on additional data not included in the original appraisal report. The completion of Reconsideration may or may not result in a change to the report or the value opinion. Note: Zillow Zestimates are not an appraisal or a professional opinion.

Ask the seller to lower the sales price to equal the appraisal value. This is the most common solution to an increasingly common problem, especially in the current housing market. strategy 2: Ask for a Reconsideration of Value. A buyer can apply to the VA for a Reconsideration of Value (ROV) if the appraisal value seems mistakenly low.

The underwriter may request a reconsideration of value when the appraiser did not consider information that was relevant on the effective date.