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We understand that having bad credit should not permanently affect your financial life and can offer options from an extensive panel of lenders with specialist bad credit remortgages. If you do remortgage with poor credit, you may be able to consolidate all your existing debts into one manageable monthly payment. You could also use a bad credit remortgage to raise cash for almost any other reasonable purpose.

A remortgage broker is the best type of specialist to deal with in a bad credit situation. They have significant amounts of experience dealing with bad credit, so they will be able to lead you through the process without missing a step.

If you have bad credit you could still be accepted for a mortgage. Use this comparison to find a specialist mortgage from lenders who are more likely to accept you even if you have bad credit. Most of these mortgages are only available through brokers.

If you have bad credit and would like to remortgage you might well be in luck, as remortgaging with bad credit is often much easier than buying a home with adverse. Borrowers in this scenario usually have two options: a full refinancing of their debt, or taking out a second charge mortgage for borrowers with bad credit.

Remortgaging with bad credit Types of bad credit: missed payments, IVAs, CCJs and bankruptcies Checking your credit score Getting a mortgage with bad credit can be tough, especially if you have defaults, county court judgments (CCJs), individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) or a bankruptcy in your credit history – but it’s not impossible.

Getting a mortgage with bad credit is tricky, but not impossible. In the past, there were a number of lenders who used to specialise in offering ‘bad’ credit mortgages, also called ‘subprime’ or ‘adverse credit’ mortgages.

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Firstly, there is no such thing as a bad credit remortgage. bad credit is a description of a person or a company’s predicted inability to repay a debt on time and in full. It is based on the individual or company’s past history of paying off debt and related personal finance factors.