The first-time home buyer tax credit emerged during the 2008 financial crisis to help make buying a home more affordable for Americans.

loan for land purchase and construction When you borrow money to buy land, expect higher interest rates and down payment requirements than for a traditional mortgage. A land loan may also be classified as a construction or commercial loan. If you’re buying land to build a home on, you can get a lower interest mortgage that pays off your land loan after construction is completed.

Individuals that purchase an energy-efficient home with an EnerGuide rating of 80 or more qualify for a rebate of between $1,500 and $10,000. Qualifying repairs and upgrades include water heater and furnace replacements, which offer rebates of up to $300 and $600, respectively.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, the process can be quite stressful, especially when thinking about potential tax implications. Let’s look at the documents you need to save and the tax issues you will need to consider.

fha short refi lenders mortgage rates last week Earlier this week, LendingTree released its Mortgage Comparison Shopping Report, which found that 70.3 percent of purchase borrowers received mortgage rates under 5 percent last week. But Friday’s.(8/11/2010) Erate Exclusive – The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) hopes to bail out more "underwater" homeowners with it’s new Short Refinance program set to launch next month.. But there’s a catch: Lenders who hold the first mortgage on the property must agree to write off at least 10 percent of a borrower’s unpaid principal balance.

Praise the money gods: It is tax refund season. Now, the responsible move would surely. BUT, in case you’re looking to splurge on something fun-and practical!-we’ve rounded up some home and kitchen.

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If you're a homeowner, get a tax credit for buying a house, actually several, in the form of deductions and credits for home mortgage interest.

Rebate claim status is typically not available for eight to ten weeks after a rebate application is mailed to the Department. Rebate checks are not mailed until after July 1st. Please direct questions to our Online Customer Service Center or call, toll-free 1-888-222-9190.

When it comes to the tax-return season, the biggest question is: where’s my refund? The amount is often fairly sizeable. disbursements are not critical for life or preserving federal property. But,

Benefits of Buying a Home using Your Tax Refund Check Real estate buying is a very expensive decision and it can take you near to availing of tax rebates. Hence it is crucial that every aspiring home buyer is familiar with this topic of income tax.

 · Currently, the tax rate is set at 15% on a purchase or acquisition of interest in residential property located in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region . Under certain circumstances, Foreign Nationals may be eligible for a rebate on the NRST. Generally, NRST is payable by Foreign Nationals who do not meet an exemption.