If you’re thinking about selling your house, then you might want to consider waiting until next month to list it. Zillow recently analyzed 24 large real-estate markets in the United States, and.

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We've looked into the data to figure out the best time to sell property.. peter rossini found that the month of the year you sell your house.

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The Best Time To Sell A House, According To A New Study. Record low inventory has made the housing market uber competitive. By rebecca shapiro. 04/05/2016 01:55pm EDT. Just like there’s a magic day to buy a plane ticket, there’s a specific month when you should try to sell your house: May.

Avoid the summer months. If you want to sell your home at or near asking price, you will need a buyer willing to pay. Many of these folks will be vacationing during the summer months, so this is not the best time of year to list your home for sale.

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In some parts of the country, houses are selling 1-3% higher in the month of May. Do your homework and research annual housing trends for your particular neighborhood! Time.com chimed in on this topic and concluded the best time of the year is the Spring: The best time of the year to sell a house is the spring.

May 1st is the best day to sell,” said Rokham Fard, the co-founder of online. highest number of sales compared to any other month of the year and prices. “If someone's listing a house in the winter, it's a fairly safe bet that.

14 May When is the Best Time to Sell a House in St. Louis? Posted at 15:52h in. There are typically more homes for sale in the warmer months. Let's face it.